Sunday, January 08, 2006

Day 1 Arrival

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Ok, finally got internet connection so finally i can get down to blogging. It's already Day 2, but might as well describe my trip here. The plane trip was kindda boring, i mean i just slept most of the way, but i did watch more movies on 3 plane fights then i did then entire holidays or sem 3 for that matter.

Thanks to the people of 3B, basically Shihong, Wee Cheng, Matthew, Dennis and Shen Zhi as well as Henry and Sitong for showing up at that unearthly hour to send me of at the airport.

The weather in philly was definitely cold, even with 2 layers and a jacket, i can still feel the chill of the wind.

Nothing interesting really happened, just headed to the apartment I am sharing with 3 others, Lawrence, Pacey and Deliang. Then a senior, Michelle brought us out to dinner at this nice restaurant called Continental. The food was seriously good, definitely better then my cooking, way better.

Ok going to update on day 2 now...


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