Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Super Bad Clips?

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Hmmm there is a new movie in town called Superbad. What exactly is it about? It is the latest comedy offering to hit the box office. Two rather... Socially inept boy are about to graduate from high school and enter college. Now the problem is that these two are really dependent on each other. One is your typical nice guy who seems to be terrified of anything. The other is just a foul mouth. Together they make a great pair, but the problem is that they got into different colleges! This is the story of them trying to reverse their luck with the ladies... all I can say is GOOD LUCK, they will need it... seriously. The name of the movie is SO apt.. SUPERBAD (I meant the situation the guys are in, not the movie is superbad... bah you know what i mean)

Anyway the producers of Superbad are attempting a TAKEOVER of youtube today by pushing all the superbad clips on you tube all the way to the top! Sounds like an interesting attempt. So this is what you guys can do to help:

1. Check out exclusive clips on:

2. visit:
On 8/1 to watch the 5 Superbad videos.

3. visit:
For ringtones and downloadables (wallpaper and buddy icons).



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