Sunday, October 28, 2007

Travelling to France

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After graduation, I do believe I would like to go backpacking around the world, or perhaps due to budget reasons I will probably just head to Europe as that is an area I have yet to visit. Now when backpacking, cost of lodging is always crucial, after all it will probably make up the bulk of my expenses aside from transportation.

Surfing around, I found this website talking about cheap hotels in france. Well I do believe France is not a really cheap or low cost destination, so any forms of cost savings would be great. Especially cheap hotels. With this website I believe that it is possible to find a good cheap deal on accommodations to suit my needs. They seem to have a range of hotels to meet different requirements.

Another feature which is appealing is last minute deals. If you have a flexible schedule, it could be a good option where you can get a hotel at a much cheaper rate or with some freebies.

So if you are travelling to France, do check


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