Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 5 - Differences in sandwiches

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Finally saw a nice apt going to settle to lease later. /WOOT

Anyway, went to fresh grocers today to get some food, it is like THE place for students in the uni city area to go shopping

So i bought this sandwich for lunch, i mean I had subway back in singapore, full of vegs some meat a nice healthy bread, nothing beats that as the idea for a healthy meal right? right?

Your typical american ham sandwich

Turns out they put so much meat, that they cannot even close the bread up properly. The amount of meat in my lunch sandwich was sufficient to provide for dinner for all 4 of us back at Sterling.

Had my first lesson at Penn today too, EAS 445. Quite an interesting class, considering everyone but the NOC students and maybe a few more are the only undergrads, the rest are all grad students. /cry

Anyway I am off to go sign the lease get a bank account so i can go back to some level of normality in life.


At 11:12 PM, Blogger Yeeling said...

wa kao... philly is so nice! hope u have luck on ur side regarding the hse hunting :) i wanna go NOC too!! and looking at all the photos of food made me drool man


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