Sunday, February 25, 2007


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About 24 more hrs before i fly off to Toronto and head down to Kingston to compete in that Queens Business Plan competition. Dunno to be excited or tired, I spent the whole of last week preparing for 3 midterms and multiple assignments. And after returning from Canada, I got 1 week of work to catch up, it might not seem a lot, BUT in chem eng it sure is a tough one.

Anyway friday I went out with SZ and Dennis for dinner at Clarke Quay, at this place called Fisherman's Wharf which seems to be lacking in FISH. Nothing too amazing there, especially for Ms Ang who just returned from Britain, home of Fish and Chips, after her 1 semester SEP.

We started wandering around Clarke Quay just to see how much things have changed, and we chanced upon this Bar called "Clinic". Already on the outside I could tell the theme of the place... no prize for guessing it, its really clinic/hospital like. Upon entering, you even realise it SMELLS like a clinic, I guess they really use lots of disinfectant, glad I entered are really really sanatized bar.

We decided to go with their most unique drink "Sex on the Drip", which is essentially a vodka/rum mixture and was served like you were getting an IV drip. (notice the pic below!). Dennis the ex-medic wanted to get a real IV with needles so he can inject me, I think the bartender was really shocked when he got a request for needles :p

Alright, time to start packing for Canada, I guess all i need is my passport and a credit card ^_^

SZ trying to feed me some "Sex on the Drip" Via the IV


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