Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Journey to the West - Part VI - Sante Fe and Taos Pueblo

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Alrighty although I am already back in Singapore, but I will just finish up blogging about my West Coast Trip and New Year Day in New York for the sake of completeness.

Sante Fe is a really nice place, what really stuck me is the rather unique architecture of the buildings and the fact most are actually made of adobe which is a combination of mud and hay.

St Francis Church in Sante Fe

The Oldest House in the USA

Route 66!!!

My fortune which i randomly picked at a shop

After exploring Sante Fe, we headed over to Taos Pueblo which is a soverign nation within the United States. It even has its own laws. For example " no wading in the river".

The type of building in Taos

Me and Taos

The River you cannot touch/wade/swim



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