Sunday, February 04, 2007


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Its that TIME of the year!!!! Time where the strong clash and ads go for like 2-5Million every 30second block.


Although this year my beloved Philadelphia Eagles did not make it to the finals (they were NFC east champs AGAIN though) , this Superbowl should be very interesting.

Chicago Bears Vs Indy Colts

Top ranked Defense against Top Ranked Offense.

The Bears thrive on their powerful defense(lead by star linebacker, Brian Urlacher) to force turnovers and fumbles and also their special teams magician, Hester (6 return touchdowns!), is really a strong factor.

The Colts have always been about Peyton Manning, their star quaterback, and his strong recieving corps. Their defense is also not to be taken lightly, they just woke up their idea recently after a poor showing in regular season.

Superbowl is also a fantastic time for ads, with companies vying for the precious 30s timeslots to show their uber ads, which have never been seen before! Its time to be really excited!


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