Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Get Paid to help out at the Largest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt!!!

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Well, I was doing my random surfing around ( I am always randomly surfing anyway, google should introduce this random button that really randomly sends you somewhere, sometimes blindly surfing around does bring up interesting reading material)

Anyway I found out about this Largest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt, its by PayPerPost, a website that actually pays bloggers to post about certain things. Its one of the ways bloggers can make money off blogging aside from the usual google adsense and other paid advertising.

And no surprises here, blogging about this interesting attempt at a world record actually gets you paid!

Well I have no idea how they are going to achieve it, after all there is really no specific topic to comment on, so people will be kind of clueless, but I guess that is not really a problem. After all, people do join useless facebook groups cos well.... its just interesting to join a facebook group. So why not, just go post some random stuff and see if this indeed gets to become a world record!

The attempt at the uber large blog comment chain can be found at the blog of PayPerPost.

And when you are done, do give PayPerPost a try, it might just be an interesting way to make some cash blogging about the things you normally blog about. Or you could read up on new stuff and blog about those!


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