Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nexus 2007 - what you know is what you do not know yet you know that you do not know....

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Took a while before i got around to posting this due to 2 midterms and general procastination (I blame the reading of manga and playing games).

Nexus 2007 was this amazing technology conference that I attended last week with several of my NOC friends like Estee, Brian, Jeffery, Shamir and future NOC like Yeeling (sadly deliang was no show due to extreme rashes on his pimples :p). It was definitely a very fun experience, with cool ideas like live chat going on with the discussion panels, like update via flickr etc...etc. After all for a tech conference you gotta be web 2.0 right? heh

Well I guess this is my contribution to Nexus. I was able to capture a video of one of the more memorable and interesting person in attendence. Well it is not the best of videos since its rather grainy and the sound is not too good. After all I was like 12 rows away from the guy! Well nevertheless he definitely made an impression amongst those who attended Nexus 2007

I am definitely going to Nexus 2008!


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