Monday, March 26, 2007

Finals Pics from QEC 2007 and london stop over

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I know this is kindda too late, but I guess its due to my bad habit of only blogging in chronological order only. Weird huh....

Well here are the final few pics from QEC 2007! Cheers

Team Nodens Health with the 1st runner up prize!

Going back was a nightmare for me as I had a 12 hr stopover in london... 12 hr! Fortunately I was allowed to go out and explore the city as the stopover was from 8am to 8pm.... lucky!

The palace... yea that is where the queen stays, funny how i was watching THAT movie on the plane as well.... ok its not funny, just some coincidence

The London Eye..... which Singapore is trying to outdo.... why can't they make the biggest baddest roller coster instead....

Next up: LATVIA


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