Thursday, April 12, 2007

Watching American Idol can increase your chances in the Job Market

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Once again, random surfing landed me on this nice gem of an article. And to think i was wondering why SANJAYA is STILL NOT VOTED OFF, OMG PPL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!

In short, this article is all about self-branding, self image. You do not have to be the smartest kid on the block (take that ya dean list cap 5.0!!! :p), or the most handsome/pretty (yay for me! now i got a chance!). Its about making people remember you, PERIOD. (not for the wrong things of cos)

After reading the article, I realised it was a reflection on my experiences in the internship hunt. When I first went for my interview, I was definitely a forgettable person, heck i would forget myself too! I had no idea what i really wanted from the internship, I could not state my personal goals clearly....

After that failed interview, I took a hard look at myself, did some rebranding, made a concious decision on what I wanted from any internship (which was to learn about business anaylsis and being a business analyst). I made it clear why I wanted it, why i believe I was suited for it.

But I find that this is not only relavent to job hunts, its good for networking, general socialising, even doing presentations. It was never about how damn good it is (but you still DO need some level of substance, not just hot air!), but how you package it! Best example.... IPOD vs creative :)

Taken from CNNmoney

Are you currently interviewing for a better job? Try watching American Idol.

If you follow this huge money-making singing contest from Fox these days, you already know all about this phenom.

Love it or hate it, American Idol (and their other country equivalents) is a good metaphor for life on a number of different levels, which is one reason why it's so popular.

If you're currently in job interview mode, you could learn a lot by watching this show.

Branding versus the "best" candidate

American Idol sometimes seems like some weird group interview where each candidate makes his or her case to three fickle interviewers and is either advanced or sent packing.

Aside from the constant reminder that this is a singing competition, we all know it's more than that. It's about that elusive quality called a "total package." Ditto the job interview. Here's the reason why all job interviewees should take heed of what happens on Idol: "differentiation."

Some candidates understand this early, while a few just get lucky.

Too often, we'll see a very weak singer retained while a much stronger performer gets cut. Some may call this an injustice, but it's not so. What's happened is that the "total package effect" came into play.

One singer won more votes, not for singing ability, but for that fact that his or her "brand" differentiated them from the pack. No one else is like those people by a long shot and that brand triggers visibility, notoriety and votes.

The moral of the story: You don't have to be the best singer, just the most memorable decent singer. Same for the job interview. You don't have to be the best candidate with the top skills. You do have to find a way to be the most memorable, hirable candidate....... Full Article

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