Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Online Shopping made easier with Online Coupons

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I remember back when I was in Philadelphia, aside from buying tons of cheap stuff at factory outlets, I did get caught up in online shopping. Guess it was the convienience of having stuff delivered to your place and also the return policy helps alot, and you get tons of good deals at the clearance sections.

But what makes online shopping even better is the presence of ONLINE COUPONS! Having these helps to make the online shopping experience more fun... and its cheaper too! That is the trick to online shopping as taught to me by the girls on NOC, if there is no coupon, no point buying from that shop.

One of the brands that i often do get my shirts from was American Eagle, probably cos its nice and cheap (clearance section) and also the fact that unlike other brands I do not really notice it being worn back in singapore, hence less likely to be pirated and sold at 3 for $10 at pasar malams. Hence I like to get it, besides, Eagles are nice. Fly Eagles Fly! (yea i support the philadelphia eagles)

One such site that provides such coupons is Couponchief (link below)
coupon codes

They provide all kinds of coupons like stuff including some of the brands i buy:

American Eagle Coupons
Banana Republic Coupons
Urban Outfitters Coupons (great for college kids)

I am sure my friends back over in philly would love more online coupons! Being an intern with limited cash sure hinders shopping!

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At 1:40 PM, Blogger Justin said...

Thanks for linking..! online coupons have always amazed me. It always help my to save money.


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