Monday, May 21, 2007

No excitement over starcraft 2 for me

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Despite all the excitement over starcraft 2 that I have seen not only on the blogosphere but around the internet, I just do not feel any excitment at all. Kindda unusual considering gaming was more or less my life. Well in theory I should be excited, like OMGWTFBBQ kind of excited, but it just ain't there, not when I saw the protoss immortals (cool name btw) or the stalkers (blinking is cool too) or when I saw the trailer of that big ass protoss ship that defeated 6 terran BCs (that is close to being broken).

It just did not feel the same, not like when WC III was launch or when i took part in the world of warcraft launch. Gah... maybe I am getting too old for gaming, or maybe after all that blizzard has put me through in WOW, the endless grinding for rep, farming for gold, doing 5 hr raids etc... I just am not interested. Maybe when the release date gets closer(perhaps only after I graduate or later), I might feel a bit more excitment. Guess I am getting old....

On the sidenote..... when the hell is warhammer online gonna be release.... argh.


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