Sunday, May 13, 2007

PeakTime Semi finals - Online accounting

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The Semi-finals of PeakTime was a case study analysis that had to be done in 1.5 hrs. That is seriously a mad rush, considering we had to analyse the case, come up with a solution then translate that into powerpoint for presentation purposes. In fact my team was still rushing out our slides up until the last second, it was amazing that we actually got something out.

The topic of the case study was online accounting. How can a start up firm in this industry break into and compete. So naturally, considering the team was 3 engineers and a finance guy, we had no choice but to engage in online research.

As always, google saved us, by throwing up infomation on various systems like this particular website: quickbooks accounting.

Using the data from that website and several others, we were able to gain insights into the industry. We learnt that online accounting has quite a lot of advantages like low cost and ease of use which can appeal to small businesses that often cannot afford an accountant due to tight budget.

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