Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh no more Zara for now!

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Ahhh back to the topic of online shopping, made even more interesting by the fact I am not shopping at Zara for a while :p

As usual, online shopping is not online shopping if you just go online click on some stuff into a shopping cart and use your credit card. You need.......ONLINE COUPONS! Having these helps to make the online shopping experience more fun... and its cheaper too! All you need is the coupon codes

In fact I have relooked my brand preference, in light of the Zara incident, I decided to go with their main competitor Esprit (Esprit coupons here). It is gaining on Zara in terms on brand recognition, it is ONLINE, which is something Zara refuses to do, and if it is online... there are ONLINE COUPONS.

One such site that provides such coupons is Couponchief (link below)
coupon codes

They provide all kinds of coupons like stuff including some of the brands i buy:

American Eagle Coupons
Banana Republic Coupons
Urban Outfitters Coupons (great for college kids)

This has been a sponsored post.


At 2:00 PM, Blogger said...

hey! great post you got there! maybe u can ! usually bought things especially puma apparels from the site. the good thing abt the site is easy to use and it will auto convert into singaporean cuurency!


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