Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paranoia over Credit Card Safety

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Credit Cards are really a convienient item, after all you can carry less cash around, pay for stuff online easily, get points for stuff :p (my mum loves this). The points are really great, even i like them. Its one of the ways we are definitely moving to a cashless society. But with great spending power comes great responsibility (crappy pun from spidy 3)

I always have this paranoia over credit card, its pretty extreme sometimes, like insisting that I will not give my number over the phone. Estee will remember that time i insisted on wasting time walking to the hotel in chicago to pay rather then give my CC number over the phone. Seiously i was worried, its just a matter of trust here, after all once that person has my credit card number, he can do ANYTHING with it online. Hence I chose to WALK the entire distance back to the hotel to pay rather then take the "easy" way out. Its better this way in my opinion, never tell anyone your number.

Aside from losing your card, you can easily lose your credit card number in many ways. Just watch this youtube videos "The real hustle" they really show various ways you can lose you CC number. Just going through your trash can yield such info for a thief.

Well good thing is my mum also agrees with me and we are gonna get a nice shredder, I am thinking of the uberized confetti cut type that REALLY shreds, not the pansy kind.

Found some nice articles on CC here:
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At 5:10 PM, Blogger Mel said...

I understand your paranoia like nobody else. I also like my credit card because of convenience to pay but everytime making purchases and paying my bills I am afraid that my personal data can be stolen. Why couldn't be invented really strong protection measures?

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Credit cards
are not a safe means of payment in itself. strong protection measures are invented but the problem is that some time later they become not so safe.


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