Monday, May 07, 2007

Operation PEAKTIMEand Operation SweetHut

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Alright, my bags are packed, my notes are ready, got nice winter clothes, a good printout of what to do there.... yea OPERATION PEAKTIME is now at T -4.5hrs to go.

I will be flying off to Latvia to compete in PeakTime 2007. Its a very interstesting competition, so for those who would like to know more... go google it out, i am too lazy to post the link.... okok I am posting the link HERE.

It was definitely an eventful week leading up to the competition, first i got to meet up with the cool people of PING.SG not once but TWICE in the same week. Went clubbing twice in the same week (that burnt a beautiful hole in my pocket). And finally got the online cake business that me, shenzhi and cherry (yes 3 chem eng mugger toads) have been sort of working on and are rushing to meet the mother's day deadline. The online bakery is called SweetHut (I had no say in the naming....)

Yup, Adrian has finally taken the next step in his interest for baking!

So for those who sortof forgotten that mother's day is around the corner, why not get a cake! :p Its at


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