Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fallout 3 Game Trailer

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This is probably not as uber exciting as when blizzard annouced Starcraft 2 but..

Fallout was set in a post-nuclear war world where basically everyone nuked each other and you are one of the few survivors who survived by hiding in underground vaults. It’s a really non-linear game where you can develop your character anyway you want (sniper, HtH expert, mad bomber). There are lots of titles to earn like Karma Sutra Master (this is one of the hardest k). Of course, aside from the setting, gameplay, I enjoyed the gore :p. Its nice to see how realistic it is when you snipe the enemy between the eyes, or groin(my fav sniping target)

So when I heard about the Fallout 3 trailer at Penny Arcade, I was naturally pleased, not excited just pleased. This is really nostalgia, especially seeing the trailer, its so Fallout. Oh well 1 more year to wait for it. Just like Starcraft 2 (which is probably longer)


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