Sunday, June 17, 2007 1st Anniversary + Post event Party

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The 1st anniversary meeting was concluded on last Saturday with more concrete details about the entire event. Head over to the wiki to see more details. I believe Uzyn will be getting the registration page up soon, it will be really cool to finally meet up with everyone else who are on :)

We will also be needing people to help out with the event, so do sign up if you are interested once everything is posted up on the wiki.

The event will be at 07/07/2007 at Geek Terminal. There will also be a post event party (or gathering) at a pub or chill out place nearby. Right now the issue is to figure out which is a suitable place. I believe the requirements are:

1. Near Geek Terminal (preferably around the boat quay area)
2. Can hold maybe 20(?) people
3. Live Band (I believe NTT requested this)

If anyone knows a good place, please suggest on the Wiki :)


At 12:16 AM, Blogger DK said...

Brewekz? But no live band


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