Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day 6 - NOT homeless anymore

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Finally, no more sleeping on benches in the cold or in railway stations.... i finally found myself a home! A nice house on 40th and chestnut.

Soon to be home sweet home

Rained for the first time since i am in Philly, heard it was raining daily in Singapore, definitely good weather to sleep in. Been sleeping more down here then back in Sg. Yesterday I fell asleep at around 8pm only waking up at around 7am only, must be the lack of coffee. Yup caffine level is at an all time low. I had 0 cups of coffee since I last left Singapore, pretty amazing considering I drink 5+ cups a day. Looks like in a way I am finally listening to Phyllis' advice not to take so much coffee. Heck I do not even drink anymore coffee, seems like milk is the prefered beverage for now.

Finally gotten around to cooking a proper meal, this time it is pasta alfredo with mushrooms and veg.

Left over Pasta
Left over veg
Sliced Button mushrooms
Instant Alfredo pasta sauce
bacon bits

The raw materials

Finished Product

It turned out pretty ok, which is a good thing, nothing burnt, no kitchen burned down, no big spills, food is pretty much edible.

Not only am I sleeping more, drinking next to no coffee, I am actually more hardworking. Yup no more sleeping in lectures (Was fully attentive in my 1st lect), I have already done the necessary readings and am about to have grp discussions with my roommates. I cannot imagine myself doing that back in Singapore, I probably be sleeping thru class and ignoring all my work till the last minute. Amazing right?

Gonna be hardworking and go finish up my grp discussion now.


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