Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 124 - Bucks County Road Trip

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The florida gang (me, deliang, cat, weijia and steph) decided to take a nice roadtrip around the bucks county region. The bucks county region has 3 zones, nature, culture and historical. We mainly focused on the nature zone going to the national parks.

The entire trip was essentially visiting places with nice view, going to wineries to try wine for free and the Strawberry Festival at Peddler's market.


Lots of free wine, I think i tried close to 15+ types. There was also free food, eg: cheese, jam and crackers.

Lots and lots of bottles!

Barrels where the wine are stored and aged

This photo was OBVIOUSLY staged


Went to a total of 3 parks, Ringing Rocks, Naximacon and Lake Towhee. Nice Places for photoshoots, but I think the nicest, and coolest was Ringing Rocks. The name ringing rocks was given to the place cos there are lots of rocks in the area and if you hit them with a hammer, some do give off a nice ringing sound. In fact, some people do it for fun, I ran into this group who were hammering away at the rocks and they were the ones who explained to me the reason for the name. Cool huh? Well ringing rocks is also home to Bucks County's highest waterfall... which is more like a trickle now... it sort of dried up for now... maybe when there is a rainy season it might be flowing.

The rocks that ring

The waterfall

Strawberry Festival:

Well.... its a festival and its about strawberries! It just happened that on this weekend at the Peddler's market at Lakasa. There were lots of strawberry related stuff like shirts, food, more food and more food. It was pretty crowded that day, lots of people from around the area. Heck there were even tour buses ferrying people in!

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and fritters FRY

Final pdt

For desert, strawberry short cake


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