Friday, April 28, 2006

Day 115 - Video smchideos

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I read in the Times about their top 10 viral videos of 2006 (surprise I read so much? gotta thank the long train rides for that). So I thought I would post my own list... but I only can think of like 5 that I really really like.

Rank 5:The internet is for.....
(trust me there is totally NO p0rn whatsoever in the video). The World of Warcraft(WOW) version of the song... very well done I might add. I guess it explains why the internet boomed.

Rank 4:Isuzu Car ad from the 1980s
NO special effects totally stunt driving, read about it on Creed Forums(my WOW guild)

This is probably the most well know WOW video on the internet. I mean for a period of time everyone was going LEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JJJJJJEEEEEENNNKKINS. Even the gameshow Jeoprady featured a qn on Leeroy Jenkins. The game adventurequest had a part dedicated to Leeroy. Wikipedia sums it all up

Rank 2: Numa Numa
Who can forget the classic video of Numa Numa, this guy(Gary Brolsma) literally has a section dedicated to him on newgrounds, a well know flash portal. He even made the newspapers and magazines... talk about internet fame. Wikepedia entry

Rank 1: Back Dorm Boys
No idea why they were not featured in the Times. These 2 guys Wei Wei (韦炜) and Huang Yi Xin (黄艺馨)are literally stars in China and not to mention all over the internet. They have many versions, lip synching to several backstreetboy songs. I remember reading somewhere that their fame skyrocketed to a point where they will star in an ad with Chinese NBA superstar Yao Ming. Wikipedia Entry


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