Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day 124 - Winds of Change part 2

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Looks like the election results are out. PAP back in power with 82 seat out of 84. But overall PAP's vote % dropped from 75% last year to 66% this year. Even in the PM's ward of AMK, he only garnered more then 60% of the votes. To me this is like a good wake up call, PAP has to constantly improve if they want the people's support. Also it is a good sign the opposition are starting to field more quality candidates.

Well at least the winds of change are starting to blow, not as much as I would have liked but its a good start.

I guess the results this time could be attributed to a few factors:

1) Internet as an alternate media to mainstream government controlled media. This allowed people, esp the younger voters to get alternate views on issues and what is going on. It also gives the opposition more press coverage which they usually lack(more like never get any except for Mr Gomez) from the mainstream media.

2) PAP constantly talking about the Gomez issue... too much political mudsligging for people's taste, we see it every election. I would think younger voters like me hate to see such crap and probably others just do not care, then again maybe its just me.

3) PM Lee making a few "bad" statements which gave the opposition lots of chances to rebutt and attack on. The fact he got his press sectary to issue an apology rather then doing it himself also was a bad move.

Well, time for the people to enjoy the PAP promise of upgrading worth 80M, 100M etc etc ^^

Oh... and I also read on some other blogs (search technorati) that there were unusually high spoiled votes in certain areas.... I wonder why?

p.s T-Mobile is terrible.... they told me to SUCK thumb over my sms issue...grrrrr


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