Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 225 - Back and Forth, Back and Forth

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Ok.... Charmaine(the new SEP girl... go read the previous post!!) requested I blogged about this soooooo here it goes:

Today she needed a bank account, so I brought her to the bank. There we were told we needed a UPenn ID (which she did not have yet), so we headed back home to get details on where she was suppose to get her Penn Card. After that we headed down to UPenn Office of International Relations and we were told its the wrong place! Eventually we were able to make her Penn Card at Franklin building.

Now thinking all is fine, we started to walk to the bank....... only to realise She had FORGOTTEN her wallet this time!!!! Cos when we were back home she took out her wallet and forgotten she left it on the table... so it was BACK home.... then BACK to the bank.

Well lunch after that was nice, we had Middle Eastern food from the food truck and enjoyed it like UPenn students out doors under the trees on a bench outside Van Pelt Library (its the central lib).

As quoted from Charmaine:

"I am a Singaporean Chinese girl, eating Middle Eastern Food, in an American University!!! How cool!!!!!"

After that it was a tour around UPenn, where Charmaine just stopped and stared at buildings suddenly. Occupational hazard for someone in real estate i guess. I mean I would probably stand and stare if i saw a huge distillation plant right? NAH...

Then another back forth incident occured when we went to get her some toiletries where we kept walking back and forth between Fresh Grocers and the Dollar store ><

ok back forth back forth... time to cook dinner!


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