Wednesday, August 09, 2006


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This was inspired by what I read off Mrbrown some time ago. Its a IamSingaporean post inspired by the I am Canadian commercial(youtube linky).

So on the eve of National Day, I thought it would be pretty apt if i also did my part :p

I grew up near Holland V, the moved to Clementi.

I used to play soccer on the void decks and ran when ever I saw Police.

I remembered when the MRT west line ended at Clementi
and there were only 4 lines, N, S, E, W

CC activities used to be fun when i was young, now it seems boring.

I went the usual education route of studying really hard, getting the good grades going from Primary, Secondary, JC then Uni. I made lots of friends along the way, I got to try out lots of things too.

I served the National Police Cadet Corps for 6 yrs up till JC and almost continued in Uni.

I really suck at bowling despite 2 years of training in the HCJC bowling team, I never broke 189.

I did my National Service for the full 2.5 years before they reduced the required time and I actually had a good time during my NS term.

BMT was Taurus Company Platoon 2 Section 3! Tough Training!

OCS was Tango Wing Platoon 3 Section 3 ---> 47/02 SOCC!

I was a Signals Officer at 8SAB, and I made lots of good friends while I was there. Congrats to Seow Soon Teck on getting married! And Edwin, you better study harder :p

I love Singapore Food, especially Chicken Rice, Char Kuey Teow, Hokkien Mee, that is my holy trinity of food.

I miss Kaya toast, Kopi and half boiled egg for breakfast.

I always believe that everyone should have the freedom to speak out and I love the internet for giving us this chance, which was so evident in the last elections

Clementi used to be a single seat ward, Bukit Timah and I would have had to vote, but the incumbant retired and we got absorbed into Holland-Bukit Timah and there was a walkover. At least my Parents had a half the day off.

I am now overseas in Philadelphia on the NUS Overseas College program, experiencing life away from Singapore.

I never missed a Singapore National Day Parade and I do not intend to tomorrow.

I have a Singapore Flag hung up right on the wall of my room, and I shall take it down after National Day just like the law in Singapore.

I miss my parents.

I miss HOME

My Name is Adrian Zhou and I am Singaporean

So Say We All.

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