Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Jill Carroll Story

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My early morning office ritual is usually like this:

1) Turn on PC
2) Go toilet
3) Check office email, gmail, nus email and hotmail.
5) My WOW guild forums

All done within the span of say......30mins?

Recently I have been following up on the Jill Carroll Story. For those who don't know, she was a reported who was taken hostage in iraq and held for ransom in exchange for the release of female iraqi prisoners. She was eventually released.

Now, I am not gonna say whether the war on iraq was wrong or not, but i think it could have been better executed.

What is special about this story is not the facts. How she got kidnapped, where she was held or how she was rescued. This multi part article is from a human perspective, mainly Jill's, but there are portions where its from her family, her friends and her fellow reporters in Iraq.

It is this human perspective that keeps me reading on and on. It talks about the fear that Jill goes through on a dialy basis while being help captive, the views that the insurgents have about Americans etc .. etc .. I get to understand their perspective on religion, the war and daily life. It was pretty shocking to me to learn how a mother was willing to become a suicide bomber although she has her children to look after, or the kindness they showed Jill despite their willingness to fight and kill.

Definitely very engaging.

ok back to reading it :p


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