Monday, August 07, 2006

Wy-en's Arrival + Another Day in NY

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Wy-en happens to be one of my very good friends, we've known each other since our sec 3 day. We happened to be in the same class and both took the same bus (156) back home from TCHS. He left to study in the US when most of us would be in JC. Well, he decided to take a nice holiday before starting his new job at the MAS(Monetary authority of Sg)... what a civil service slave, you sell out :p (kidding!)

Me and Wy-en

Since I happened to be in Philadelphia and he planned on visiting NYU(in New York) his alma matta, it was perfect chance to meet up and have an ex new yorker show me around the Big Apple.

Most of the "tour" was around the Greenwich area and NYU (near washington square). Surprisingly UPenn has a partnership with NYU so being a UPenn student (only for a yr though) I got access to several of NYU's buildings. NYU is very much a city campus, compared to UPenn which is more "ivy league" with its older looking buildings. I gotta admit the NYU main library is really cool, 11 stories up, with its glass look and AMAZING view overlooking the New York Skyline... WOW.

View from the library study room

Exploring the city will make anyone hungry so Wy-en showed me where he ate as an undergrad at NYU. It was this belgium cafe where they served 2lbs mussels in a huge pot, for desert it was the famous coldstone ice cream.


After that it was back to walking around so here are more photos!

The Strand a 2nd hand book shop with an amazing collection, its supposed to be VERY big

The day ended with us attending this fashion launch of this brand "melting pot". A friend of wy-en's friend got us in. It was pretty cool to see how such an event was like, although i was pretty bored just standing there sipping my gin and tonic while the industry insiders were busy networking. But still, it was a very interesting experience.


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