Monday, August 28, 2006

Day 226 - Around the City

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Day 2 of Charmaine's arrival and I brought her around the city(both center and old). This time it was to get several essentials and to get her orientated with the area in general. This time charmaine prepared a list of things to do and get to prevent the similar incident from yesterday (back...forth...back...forth)

We started the day trying to get her a prepaid card for local calls, but turns out she forgotten to bring her handphone and we could not do anything at all(I am not headed back just to get a hp) but lucky for us there is a T mobile shop near our place so its ok.

As we walked around, charmaine would just stop in the middle of the road, stare and then take a picture of an old looking building. "Its so Pwretty!" she says. Yes the occupational hazard is at it again.

The pwretty buildings

Besides just staring at old buildings she also spent quite alot of time laughing and trying to correct my already poor knowledge of architecture and buildings and the fact i never read any dan brown books. Apparantly there was this cool clan of rich and powerful dudes called the free masons who tried to team up with another cool clan called the illumanti.... well that is Adrian's summary of the da vinci code.

The 2 of us trying to make sure this domino doesn't fall

We also visited the newly opened Macy's in center city. It had bought over the old deparmental store called strawbridge. The coolest thing about Macy's is not the fact that it is a very very very big departmental store with lots of expensive brands that i can only fathom about affording. (although in theory if i just use my entire month's wage it might get me something) The coolest thing was the 3 story pipe organ!!! Its the famous Wanamaker Organ, brought back to life!!!

Wanamaker organ

This is probably why they call the NFL team the Philadelphia eagles

After Macy's we headed to Kmart to get Charmaine her quilt, but for some reason we could not even find 1! In the end we bought a comforter which is suppose to be similar to a quilt. Lunch was at this very nice place in chinatown called Tian Wong, famed for its roasted duck and pork. Dinner was at the extremely famous Morimotos, owned by the IRON CHEF, Masaharu Morimoto!!!



Just kidding.... like we could afford eating at Morimotos :p Dinner was a home cooked meal by cat.


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