Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 209 - Day at the Orchards

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No its NOT orchard road. Its a real orchard, with berries and fruits and veggies.

The sign says it all

Estee's friend, Jessica knew of this place 30 mins outside Philadelphia, so a bunch of us decided what better way to spend a lazy sunday then to go plucking fruits.

We started of with blackberries and blueberries, then moved on to peaches and plums. For the berries section, it took a while to figure out which are the ripe blackberries. This website gives the right way, in my case after plucking and tasting, i realised that the ripe and sweet ones are those hidden deep in the bush, soft and can be plucked with little or no effort at all (it just falls into your hands with barely a tug). After some effort and getting dirty, I got 1 entire box full.

Blueberries were just yummy, i just ate and ate and ate.


Peaches took quite a while to find a tree that had nice, ripe and sweet ones. We literally had to taste test our way though. But eventually we managed to get quite a haul as well, about 10 peaches. :p

Plumes were not in season, so quite a pity.

After all that hard work at plucking we headed down to the farmers' market and bought stuff. Me, deliang and pacey bought 2 gallons of apple cider on jessica's recommandation, and I must say it is GOOD stuff. Heck I am drinking it now!

Hay Rides

Now with a nice haul of fruits, I wonder what is the best way to store them, in the fridge? Germany style? (ie: in honey) or should i do some Jamming (ya ya bad pun).

Good haul!


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