Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Windy City - Day 1

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Chicagooooooooooo go go go!


Last weekend, 4 chestnuties + estee (who is more or less a chestnutie herself) headed down to Chicago, IL. Why is it called the Windy City? Well probably due to the effects of lake michigan which is 1 of the 5 great lakes, you know... sea breeze, land breeze....

Anyway day 1.... arrived at O-hara International.... train to downtown... left bags at hotel....

First stop: Millinium Park

Millinium park happens to have the GREATEST landmark in chicago... at least IMO(in my opinion), its THE BEAN!!!!

Why is the bean famous? Cos it is an amazing GIANT mirror!!! Check out the fun stuff we did

Short Legs!

Star Formation

Grp shot

Jump Shot
Next Stop: Magnificant Mile

The girls were really estatic that we finally arrived at the Magnificant Mile, Chicago's answer to 5th Avenue in NYC.

After that we went to watch the view from the John Hancock Observatory, just check out the VIEW

Penultimate stop: Navy Pier

Navy Pier is basically a pier converted into an amusement park area with a ferris wheel, convention center, restaurants... and just for October... Halloween events like Navy FEAR

Ghost came out to play

Night Time

Final Stop: Second City

Second City is a famous and VERY old comedy club in chicago. Many of its alumi are on the show saturday night live. Well we watched this show called WAR!!! Its in is 4th Smash now. Basically it was about LIES and how people tell them... The main topics used were the illegal immigrant issue in the US, George W Bush as usual and Gay rights. Overally I found the show very funny, but it was americanized so there were parts that i could not get... but oh well :) it was worth it.


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