Monday, September 11, 2006

Tennessee Day 3 - Hiking.. Hiking... Hiking

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The third day, we got up pretty late cos the drive from Memphis was 8+ hrs (including stopover in Nashville)

Early morning pose

Breakfast was at Flapjacks( was recommanded by the visitor center), but they had a manpower shortage, so service was slow, food was cold...blah..blah..blah, why do I even bother to tip.

That aside, today we went to explored the Great Smoky Mountains!

First stop was Laura Falls, it was the nearest waterfall, and also the most visited one (probably cos the hike was easy and its a nearby drive from gatlinburg). Anyway we had fun on the hike there and estee and cat were able to keep up with 3 guys who were rushing on ahead!

Notice that deliang actually fell while trying to take this shot

At the waterfall (base)

We climbed up to the TOP!!!

Trying out some cool Ninja-Jitsu

After that it was to the most visited and popular place in Smoky mountains, Caden's Cove. It is kind of a valley, it contains lots of wildlife and old buildings. But due to the fact that there was SOOOOO many people, it was like being stuck in a mega traffic jam! We did get to see a black bear, which was kind of like a mascot for Smoky Mountains. But to do that, we abandoned the car with deliang(driver) and caused a minor...ok medium traffic jam ourselves. Fortunately, there was a car in front of us and its occupants also left their car to take photos of wildlife, so deliang blamed them.

View from Caden's Cove

Grp Shot


The Black Bear!

Thanks to the traffic jam we got out pretty late, but on the upside we had a bucket of KFC for dinner!!! :p

Next Episode: On top of the world and Charokeeeeeeeeeeee


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