Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rocky... Rocky... Rocky!!!

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For those who still remember Rocky.. .yes the character from the Movie that Stallone acted in?

Well the first movie was shot in Philadelphia and it was that movie that made the city even more famous. Especially so for the "Rocky Steps", which happen to be the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum which Rocky, in the movie, runs up towards the top as part of his training run. Even though the movie was such a long time ago, people still do run up the rocky steps as part of their jog, I know I do that hehe...

Anyway in the third movie, they had this statue of Rocky placed at the art museum. However in real life some thought that this statue was a mere movie prop, and promptly had it removed. Where the statue went.... I do not know.

However, the statue, the Rocky steps are a integral part of Philadelphia's culture, when people think Philly, they think ROCKY. It was no surprise that there was debate in the last month on bringing back the statue and where to put it. Eventually, it was a 6-2 vote by the art commission and the statue was placed backed where it belonged.

The homecoming of the statue was held at the Philly art museum, where the REAL Rocky, the Itallian Stallion, Stallone himself attended.

After the speeches and stuff, they finally unvield the statue!! WOOT. Law, deliang and char went back home, but I stay back to watch Rocky 1 which was shown outdoors, in front of the museum. Everyone was seated on the Rocky steps to watch Rocky (rhyme!!!). It was a really cool experience, although rowdy, the crowd was entertaining and provided moments of laughter when someone would shout a comment during the movie or when we were cheering during the fight itself, where Rocky fought Apollo Creed. It really felt like I was at the stadium itself.

But what i thought was the best part was when Rocky ran up the steps and turned around to look at the City of Philly. The screen was also facing the same direction as what Rocky saw, so it was really really nice, seeing both the Old Philly and the Current Philly at the same time.

Welcome home champ!


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