Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here we go Quakers, here we go!!!!

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Tomorrow, Penn takes on Dartmouth in an ivy league match at the franklin field, which reminded me to blog about the last match Penn had against tradition rivals Villanova.

Me, Pacey, Law and deliang headed down to the franklin field to catch the action, after all we wanted to see how a live football match was like, NFL tickets are like $200 +++ so its not feasible, college football is FREE... notice the difference?

At the line of Scrimmage

Attempted Trick Play, 17 has the ball but 33 is acting like he has the ball, typical Running back fake

Penn's Mascot

Mascot Fight

Anyway the match was very exciting, especially in the 4th and final quarter. Villanova was overall the stronger team, their wide recievers were running all over the field and Penn's secondaries could not do a thing about it. In the fourth quarter.... Penn was down 20 - 27, needing a touchdown to tie the game. 56 seconds on the clock, 48 yard line, 4th and 20 due to a penalty.... all hope was lost.... and they pulled off an AMAZING 20+ yard pass, the stadium went WILD!!! After that Penn kept pushing, and pushing. Eventually it was 6 seconds, 10 yards to touchdown, final play...... but Villanova's secondaries were able to block the pass... it ended 20- 27.

Final Score

This match showed a lot of interesting thing about UPenn, in the 4th quarter, the band will play this song "Toast" and the fans will throw BREAD onto the tracks. And everytime Penn scores, the female cheerleaders have to do pushups equal to Penn's score!
The song

The Throwing of the bread

And as all football matchings go, we must see some cheerleaders!


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