Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner Part II - Dinner!

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So... I just had to try to cook a thanksgiving dinner, after all when in rome do as the romans. Since americans must celebrate thanksgiving, I thought, WHY NOT? Besides Charmaine obtained a great turkey recipe. So the week before the actual dinner, I did research online, got tips and tricks from my Boss' wife, Marcia, who is super experienced at doing thanksgiving.


Mash Potato
Chestnut Stuffing
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Cake
Cranberry Walnut Cake
Cranberry sauce
Sugar Coated Pecans
Poppy Seed Cake

With me as the executive chef and char as the sous chef and alicia contributing wine, we set about doing our first ever thanks giving dinner! It started on friday night, I started make the cakes and defrosting the turkey. I had to use a speed defrost method i learnt on the food channel cos we made a mistake on the first turkey and it kindda smelled funky. Anyway as a tip, when defrosting, ensure the turkey is always below 40F so that no bacteria gets in. Or use Cold water and change it every 30 min.

Starting out

Anyway, I spent the entire night doing up most of the cakes. In the morning, the Turkey Sous Chef, Charmaine, started work on the turkey stock and the stuffing. We spent the greater part of the day doing the turkey and its related stuffing. After that i did a quick salad and mash potatos.

The Turkey Sous Chef and the Executive/baking Chef with the main course(success as expected ^_^)

By 7pm everything was done!!! WOOT, alicia and kai an dropped by with the wine and dinner was GOOD to GO!!! I did carving of the turkey which was a real challenge. It was really fun though heh.

Anyway Enjoy to pics of food, I shall post the recipes up ASAP

Sugar Coated Pecan

Pumpkin Pie


Cakes Cakes Cakes

Family Shot


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