Friday, October 27, 2006

Autumn Trip - Day 1 - Maine - Lobsters Lobsters Lobsters

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Taking advantage of the fall break, the Chestnutties decided to go on a nice trip to enjoy the Fall Foliage. It was a trip up North, covering the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Day 1 - Maine

What was the objective in visiting Maine? Well for most people it is the scenic drive and Arcadia National Park which is VERY unique, it is a mainly off shore National Park with most of it being Mount Desert Island. It is a unique mixture if coastal features and forest features, very nice, the hills are all granite hills so they look barren, hence the name Mount Desert Island. It is a really scenic place, a mix of hills, coastal region and forests.
Selection of Choiced views:

Cat's Kick sure is strong

First Family Road Trip Shot!

But my Maine objective is.... MAINE LOBSTERS aka Homarus americanus!!!!!! (but more on that later...)

The view from Arcadia National Park was really nice especially when we went up Mt Cadalliac which was the highest point. On top it was SUPER windy due to prevailing trade winds blowing towards boston. So it was Really Really Really cold considering the uber strong winds (I could be blown around so its no joke), the height of the hill and the autumn season. Brrrrrr, cold but the view was worth it, we could see the entire isle and the surrounding areas ^_^ very picture perfect.

Meditation is good

On top of Mt Cadelliac

The view

Of cos one must not forget the autumn foliage ^_^ yay!

For lunch we had it at Jordan pond house inside the national park itself, it was recommanded by my boss, and I could understand why. Their signiture dish is a puff called a Popover. Its a simple batter baked at extremely high temperature, this causes a vapour explosion in the popover that gives it its ultra fluffy on the inside, cripsy exterior taste. It was amazing with some jam and butter.

More..... erm.... meditation


After going up for some mountain view we drove around visiting the rest of the area which included a light house on the edge of the rocks. It was quite fun climbing around the rocks and finding fresh seafood that "grow" on it (ie:clams and some clam like food) but I did not eat em :p

Nice shot pacey!

One of my personal Fav

Dinner of cos was LOBSTER... why else would I care about going maine? LOBSTERS, the meat was really nice and sweet.... YUM YUUUUMMMM

Homarus americanus

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