Sunday, December 17, 2006


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Ok finally got the chance to begin updating about my previous exploits. So first on the list is my trip to bahamas over the thanksgiving long weekend. Headed there with Estee, Char, Deliang and Tim to escape the cold of Philly before an even colder winter sets in. The Bahamas is made up of 700+ islands, but most people are located in the main Isle of Nassau.

Its a great place to just chill. We arrived on the main isle of Nassau and spent our time soaking up the sights, sounds and sun. And the FISH was good! especially at this place call the Fish Fry which is where all the restaurants are located. We also did some snorkelling and explored this mega resort called Atlantis!

I think its best i just show pictures :)

Bahamas Air.... not the best airline

This is for Li-chan aka Alicia, the CFO of Nodens Health

Usual fun with Hats

At the Mega Resort, Atlantis

Queens Staircase in Nassau

At the top of the Queens stairs

Beach!!! Sun, Sand and Sea!

Dinner @ Fish Fry


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