Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whao its Snowing AGAIN

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Right now I am in room 131 of econolodge near Toronto Airport. Yup I just arrived in Toronto not long ago. Its snowing and my body is getting used to the cold again *achoooooo* *sniff sniff*. After seeing the weather and the airport condition I decided it was in my best interest to just fork out some cash get a decent room nearby with shower, bath, FREE internet, FREE breakfast... the usual stuff I get when i was road tripping anyway.

Despite the fact my plane landed around 2+pm, the customs was a nightmare, just waiting in line...... then after successfully getting through... i get re directed to ANOTHER 2 hr wait line! Arghhhhh by the time i got out, it was already getting dark, so much for my grand plan of visiting the city. Well I will have to see if i can do anything tmr morning instead.

The stopover in Hethrow(London) was also a chore, 6 hours in probably the most overpriced airport I have been to. Oh well i got some CN2125 revision done in that 6 hours of wandering around, looking for cheap food(like there is any) and just trying to fight the initial jetlag.

Unfortunately no photos as I forgot to bring my cable to extract stuff from my camera.


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