Thursday, April 26, 2007

Help Save the Tigers!

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The WWF (world wide fund for nature... not the wrestling company) has came up with this project to do a Tiger Mosiac, essentially everyone submits their photo and it will all add up to form a Mosiac picture of a Tiger. The result will be a powerful display of the world’s support for wild tiger conservation, which will be presented to delegates from 171 countries at the June meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in the Netherlands. So pls help by submitting this and also spreading the word.

Click here to help with the mosiac!

The tiger is one of the most revered, feared and popular species on Earth. It is perhaps the most powerful symbol of our planet’s endangered wildlife.

Once widespread across Asia, fewer than 5,000 wild tigers are now found in just 7% of their historic range.

The good news is that the Chinese government has taken action to help save the species. In 1993, China outlawed all domestic trade of tiger products and public awareness campaigns have curbed a demand that once saw tiger products annually sold in the tens of millions.

But there is a new threat in China that could put every last wild tiger at risk: The increasing population of captive-bred tigers on so-called "tiger farms." These farms, currently used as tourist attractions are speed-breeding tigers in hope that China will one day allow the sale of their parts and products.

More than 4,000 captive-bred, semi-tame tigers live on these farms today, and farm owners are now pressuring the government to allow them to sell tiger products.

Reopening even limited legal trade in tiger products from farms would reignite a demand for tiger products. It also would give international crime syndicates an easy avenue for "laundering" illegally killed tigers from India, Russia and other tiger range states and make law enforcement nearly impossible. In essence, legal trade in tiger products from China's tiger farms would spark an open season on tigers in the wild.


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