Monday, April 16, 2007

A New Web Directory, Big

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I learnt about this new web directory, Big Web Links Directory, which uses a new and novel way to rank their listings. Instead of voting or page clicks, websites instead are ranked by the amount of dollars contributed to the listing, which offers more control for web site owners!!! This is really great for those who are trying to or already making money off their blog!

Right now this webdirectory is fairly new, but it is being very heavily promoted to offer traffic as well as very good link value. The site is expected to have a very respectable Google PR soon.

The million dollar question that is best answered from Big Web Links Directory
How is that a different reflection of popularity from other web directories?
Web directories usually equate the number of clicks a listing receives to popularity. For example, if more people click on a listing, that particular listing tends to remain popular in that directory simply because of its high ranking in the first place. This is hardly an accurate reflection of true popularity on the Internet.

Theoretically, every website on the Internet has a chance of becoming the most popular piece of virtual real estate in cyber space. Big Web Links Directory simply attempts to reflect that by ranking websites according to the dollar amount contributed for that website. A major benefit of such a ranking system is that it provides some indication of the quality of traffic from a particular website. This is the directory where advertisers will come looking for you and visitors will find you!

So if you want to increase traffic, get more advertisers this might just be the site for you.


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