Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Uncyclopedia: Hwa Chong Institution

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I have no idea who took the time to do up this WIKI on Hwa Chong Institution, but it was definitely a good laugh about this entry about my Alma Mater. Seriously, to write this kind of crap must take some serious brain power

Just a sample of what was written on the wiki entry.

Hadst I a choice of where I wouldst like to have studied Advanced Gypsy Magick, it wouldst've'd been NASA. But then again, NASA doth not offer Turnip as a third language, so I doth think I wouldst've chosen Hwa Chong Institution.

~ Conan O'Brien on Hwa Chong Institiution

You know, before we invented rocks, we had to use pinatas to scratch our 'nads.

~ Denzel Washington on a plane

Simply the best 12 years of my life.

~ Oscar Wilde on Hwa Chong Institution

"Hadst I known that mine strategies would fail, I wouldst've enrolled in Hwa Chong Institution."

~ Macbeth's final words before being decapitated by Macduff


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