Monday, April 16, 2007

/Rant: Inconsiderate tutorial room users

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/Rant mode ON

Studying in NUS is a habit of mine, so arriving extra early to beat the crowd, I was still not surprise that only a few tutorial rooms were left.. number 13 and 14... naturally i chose 14 :p

Lo and behold.... I walked in and was greeted with a sight. What is it with people these days, I walk into a tutorial class room (NUS engin building lvl 6 ROOM 14) and what do I find, the place is slightly messed up.... but all the window blinds where TAKEN DOWN...

Yes I spent 20 mins putting back all the window blinds.... apparantly the last users or last last users or (yea yea you get the idea).. decided that instead of moving the blinds to 1 side... it would be more efficient or better to TAKE THEM ALL DOWN... now that is all fine and dandy with me, but apparantly those who took it down forgot 1 simple rule about using tutorial rooms during exam period... RETURN IT TO THE ORIGINAL STATE WHEN YOU ARE BLOODY DONE WITH IT!!!!

Why does the person who waked up extra early, brain still exhausted from his battle to master MATLAB have to be! Is putting back the blinds eating into too much of your study time that you will not get 1st class honors? Well you have 3rd class attitude BAH... I know I would have placed it back... or better yet... I would have just used the chains to move them to 1 side... that isn't so hard considering its ENGINEERING.

ok I am done ranting... time to power nap and then study

/Rant Mode Off

*Arzhou would like to mention that the blinds might not be the case of undergrads taking it down but simply cos they fell off and no one bothered to put them up again. But nevertheless, it was a good excuse not to start studying and start blogging, checking email, pinging around then going back to sleep. Pls do not be too bothered by the language in the rant if you somehow find it offensive k.... me very sorry :p

Anyway this is kind of mild compare if say if someone left all their food in the tutorial room or made some kind of mess they never cleaned up. But I needed an excuse to RANT!! ranting wakes the brain up! I need my brain to waaaaakeeee upp.............zzzzzzzzz


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Hendri said...

and in NTU, we even have people who stay overnight in the tutorial rooms, complete with their sleeping bags, toiletries, cooking tools, etc. just because the tutorial rooms are open 24-hours near the exam period.

At 7:19 PM, Blogger ar zhou said...

Good thing NUS only opens till midnight. Gives normal people like me a chance to get a spot in the morning lol


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