Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Real Hustle- BBC's show on lying, cheating and stealing

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Studying for exams definitely sucks, just sitting at the bench staring at notes making summary sheets, practicing tutorials which i should have done in the first place...

It is also during this period that my youtube, heavy, etc etc usage goes up several fold, nothing beats wasting an hour of study time just watching mindless videos of youtube.

One of the series that I watch a lot of is BBC's "The Real Hustle", they got 3 ex cons to talk about and demonstrate some of the scams that are going on in the world.

The scams range from some what believable, like the fairgrounds scam. Others are just downright ridiculous. Its pretty obvious most of these scams are staged, considering the show has not gotten sued (at least to my knowledge). But the lead female, Jess, is WAAAAY HOT... its no wonder she can easily get away with all her hustles, esp those that occur in the pubs.

Simple stuff like pickpocketing techniques are show:

Others are more elobrate scams like "selling" a rental car

I loved the way they made all the victims show up at the same time :)
(probably staged though)


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