Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spying Mission 1: DK and the rare Gal

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There has been quite some talk about DK and his gal, who is she, how does she look like...hmmmm sounds like a really dangerous spying mission to get a photo and not get caught.

To acomplish such dangerous missions and not get caught, or have my identity revealed, I do not believe i need any fancy weapons. I prefer it McGuyver style, using non-weapons. This is the age of infomation, what you need is real time infomation. Its like playing an RTS without fog-of-war (ie: having maphack). I guess it would be cool to have small insect like drones that act as front scouts. They will be small enough not to get noticed. All the infomation will be fed in real time to my Cellphone. This cell phone is no ordinary cellphone, it will be like a swiss army knife, all kinds of functions like laser cutter, lock pics, electronic signal jammers (to prevent the enemy from alerting each other). Of course to avoid being seen, i will want those clothes that can diffuse light, hence making me harder to spot! Then i can finally get a photo of DK and his gal :p

Well that is in my dreams and it is probably ameturish, to see a real pro do it, watch USA Network's Burn Notice!


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