Saturday, June 09, 2007

World's tigers on "catastrophic" path to extinction

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Its almost the deadline to submit your photo to be part of the WWF's (worldwidefund for nature) Tiger Mosiac. It is to highlight the dangers that these beautiful creatures are facing. So pls do your part before 15th June. Click here to see the mosiac.


Plans by China to lift its 1993 ban on the domestic trade of tiger parts is sure to re-ignite interest among more than a billion consumers in emerging economies and this could be the greatest threat to the animals, said the paper.

"Ultimately, China, the state that has the fewest tigers, may pose the greatest threat to the tiger's ultimate survival in the wild."

Many of the tiger habitats are also too small, isolated or degraded to hold populations of the predator over the long-term, with increasing human encroachment and development of forests.

For example, in Sumatra, vast oil palm and acacia plantations are replacing some of the richest lowland rainforests on earth" Full story


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