Saturday, March 11, 2006

Day 59 - Florida Day 4 - NOC Florida the Sun, Sea, Sand and the Business Plan

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NOC Florida - Sun, Sea, Sand and Business Plan

The drive to Miami was a really long one, 220+++ miles, that is longer then the woodbury trip! We only arrived in Miami during the late afternoon.

Almost ran into this truck on our way to Miami (just kidding it is being towed)

Us and our cute car

Scene in florida, check out the Limos!

What do you do when you are in Miami? Hit the beaches of course! Posting pics is probably the best way to describe how enjoyable it was to finally have SUN again, getting a TAN again, building a SANDCASTLE again.

Beach Scene 1

Beach Scene 2

Beach Scene 3

Cool pose

Building a sandcastle is definitely not easy, but its a good thing we have a bunch of engineers around. You need to determine the correct proportion of the various parts to ensure structural integrity(ME and CE comes in but we only got ME), you need to determine the correct water to sand ratio so that the walls and towers will not collapse(yay it give CHE ppl like me a job), you need to determine the optimum way to build ie: which parts of the castle must be constructed first.

Construction in progress

Woot! Its done!

We buried Estee

However the sand on the beach is not that good, with lots of broken shells and some trash, my feet got cut in several places. It really makes you miss the nice, soft, fine sand back in Sentosa.

Grp Photo

Grp shot on the rocks

As we headed off for dinner, I was reminded how much Miami was like Singapore, it was nice and warm, there were lots of trees and some buildings really looked like HDB flats. Dinner was at an area called coconut grove.... which reminded me of Holland V. Just being in Miami can make a person rather homesick ><

Dinner at a Mexican Restaurant

Us and the guy who plays music in the restaurant

Well there is no time to be homesick, there are places to go, things to do!


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