Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 45 to 49 - Far far away in a foreign land...

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Far far away in a foreign land its good to see a familar sight......

Not only is it a familar sight, its a familar taste. It brings back memories of studying late into the night for the exams. So nostalgic, although right now I have no exams, just a bunch of quizzes and assignments. At least now I can enjoy late night snacks of instant noodles again ^^

Several things happened this week:

Sunday, we went for a nice buffet lunch at this place called New Delhi, no prizes for what kind of food they serve.........yup, Indian. Anyway Andy was suppose to meet us there. Ok Andy(the final addition to the 7th batch) lives 1 street away from us, and New Delhi is just opposite from my place. Sounds very simple right? I mean just walk down 1 street and cross the road. Even the navigationally challenged should be able to find the place. But poor Andy, for some reason still got lost...... >.< I guess him being a water polo player, a National player at that(how cool is that), he is a fish out of water (pun seriously intended) when he is not in the pool.

Anyway my EAS prof introduced a very cool website:

Basically they place a new item up every day for sale and take it down after 24 hrs. The product is usually at dirt cheap prices or very competitive prices. The catch is that you only have 24hrs to buy it and you have NO idea how much stock is left. So if it is something VERY cool and VERY cheap, you have to buy in fast before it is sold out. Interesting business model right? It taps onto people's panic buying or in Singaporean's case, being kiasu. Its like if it is a good deal you cannot dwell on it too much have to just buy. This really creates impule buying. I must admit I was almost tempted to get a 20gb MP3 player at USD187. But I realised that the MP3 player the ppl of CN3B gave me was more then sufficient. So thanks guys/gals.

Made my Penn ID today, finally my collection of ID is complete.

The process to make that ID was terrible, the person insisted on so many documents and kept checking them as if I was some kind of criminal. Surely I am not forging any identity.... comeon.... I have a Passport, Social, bank account..... but i cannont blame them, they are just doing their job. Finally after a long wait, I got my ID. As usual with EVERY SINGLE photo ID, the photo looks terrible.

Penn ID(state ID) and Penn Card(access to UPenn)

Several people had asked me about that Johari's window that I had a link to, its kind of interesting isn't it? Although I do know that it is not entirely accurate but it is interesting. I like to see how people who knew me at different point in my life and different context (eg: NS vs HCJC vs NUS) see me. For those who have taken this module in NUS, GEK1006, dynamics of interpersonal relations, it is a familar sight. That module is highly recommanded, easy to study for, only 1 tutorial every 2 weeks, and all you do at tutorials is CHAT! ^^ okok we practise our interpersonal skills.

Ok that's this week in review, let's hope something fun occurs during the weekend. No Woodbury this time /cry
I gotta apologise for the lack of humour or crap this time round, just lacking any inspiration.


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