Friday, March 10, 2006

Day 56 - Florida Day 1 - Knights of the REeeeeaaaaalm

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Ahhh... finally the long awaited Spring Break, time to kick back, relax, chill and make myself bankrupt until the next pay day.

So its off to Sunny Florida, the Sunshine State. Right after EAS 445, where we had this wonderful guest speaker, me, deliang and cat rushed all the way back home, to link up with weijia and steph. Then it was off to the airport, onto a plane and off we go!

Upon landing in Florida, we rushed to get as many phamplets as we could. Then...... it caught my eye, "Medival Times". Now me and deliang sort of knew about this place when we were watching this Reality Show(yea.... like it was that real) called the Flavour of Love. The summary of this show, is that there is this guy who has so many girls and he literally makes out with them. Nice right? Anyway Medival Times was one of the places he went to. So after taking a quick majority vote we drove there.

Medival Times is this cool theme restaurant. Basically its like being part of an RPG (roleplaying game). For a gaming geek like me, it is so so so so so so damn cool! So we all had to put on this dorky looking crown (think burger king kind of crown) and had people there calling us Lord and Lady.

Deliang got that weird kind of babarian look, as usual Cat is acting cute while the rest are doing the proper expressions ><

Cute kids yar

The selling point of Medival Times is that the audience are role playing as Lords and Ladies attending a tournment hosted by the king. So there I was, with the rest, seated at our table looking and the old looking plates and cups, and I still have that weird crown on my head. Then this guy in shabby looking clothes, goes round saying " I am your slave for tonight, allow me to serve you". (btw he was just the waiter role playing, SO GET YOUR DAMN BRAIN OUT OF THE GUTTER.... dirty minds!)

The lights goes off, smoke fills the air, the music plays...... it was a tale, about loyalty, chivalry and bravery, and yet there was a dark side of deciet, greed, betrayal... The Kingdom was in trouble for there was an invading army, the King assembled his mightiest warrriors and rode into battle. After the day was done, battle cries stilled, swords broken, blood shed... the King was victorious, but it was not without a price, for the King's brother, champion of the realm, lay slained. So there it was.... the King decided to hold a grand tournment to decide the next Champion of the Realm, much to the chagrin of the Master of Arms who was basically arrowed to host it(more work after a long hard battle really sucks).

Entrance of the king
6 of the realm's greatest champions gathered for the tournment. As lords and ladies of the Ancient Holy city, we were represented by the Black and white knight, our champion and a pretty good looker to boot (according to the girls)

The tournment consisted of various joust and javalin events, our knight did us proud by besting the rest in all events. Then finally the highlight came, the FOOD.... ok kidding it was the 1 v 1 fights. Not just any 1 v 1 but a fight to the death, Swords clashed, maces thudded, Spears Stabbed as our brave knights fought not only for honor but for their lives. In the first battle, the Red/Yellow Knight was spared from meeting the reaper due to a timely intervention by the lovely princess.

Fare fit for a lord

Look I was too hungry, so I had to take a quick bite

The fights kept everyone on the edge of their seats, cheering for their mighty champion as he fights for his life and honour. As the show progressed, a Gandalf wanna be kept appearing, bringing tidings of betrayal and treason... ooooo spooky

After the dust settled, the black/white knight stood victorious, we went wild cheering! Suddenly, the Master-of-Arms stabbed our champion! The TRAITOR finally shows his face! He admits to killing the King's brother and tries to attack the king. Out of the blue, Red/Yellow knight was charged out and engage the villian in an intense fight.(Remember he did not die, the princess saved him)

The evil villain

Anyway like all cliche endings, the bad guy had to lose. So off to the executioner's axe!

Overall the experience of Medival times was intense, definitely a unique one. It was the first time I ate at a theme restaurant, it was very medival, even the way I ate was medival (means NO cutlery). Pretty cool for a first day! That was until we got caught for speeding.... bye bye USD 183 I will miss thee.

*note more pics will be posted soon


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