Sunday, February 19, 2006

Day 44 - Shopping trip... shopping trip... I love Woodbury Commons

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The first official Road Trip for the Chestnut household. We rented a car and headed down to a very popular shopping area called Woodbury Commons. Its a place pretty close to NY, about 3-4hrs drive from Philly.

Its a place filled with factory outlets of many nice brands, like AX, Levis, Gap, Banana Republic etc.. etc Can go mad just shopping.


So we shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped. Then shopped even more. Basically all you do there is shop. Did I say we shopped? Yeah we shopped. Well me and lawrence decided to be funny, we went to Giorgio Armani and tried on their $1000USD suits. It felt REALLY GOOD, very CEO like. Our egos were pretty good, until Weijia told us she tried a $3000USD Versace dress......... there goes our egos ><

Ok so after the entire shopping trip its obviously time to head back. Now getting to Woodbury was no problem, Deliang drove, I navigated. The return trip was at nite and I was still navigator. Unfortunately if my OCS(Officer Cadet Sch) results are any indication, my Night Navi has an 80% chance of getting lost. Well, murphy's law rang true, we made a wrong turn just out of Woodbury going North and not south, so that was like 10 miles of pointless driving till we could U-turn. All seemed well........ then somehow or another we mysteriously went onto the wrong highway, neither me, deliang or lawrence noticed anything at all. We drove on for about 1hr before realising something was wrong. All the time we were trying to reassure ourselves that we were on the right path. Finally we realise that something was wrong.... after that I got a taste of the Amazing Race. We kept stopping at petrol stations to ask for directions... finally with some like and directions for a bunch of nice fellas, we found our way back to Philly.

After sorting out all the stuff I bought:

I love Woodbury!


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