Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Day 52 - NOC on Ice

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Went ice skating today with the Chestnut gang, Tim, Wayne and Shamir. Its been a while since I last ice skated, so I was well prepared to fall down.... alot. The skating rink was by the Dalaware river, near Penn's Landing at old city.

Anyway first agenda is LUNCH. We headed to 4th and South to eat at this famous Cheese Steak Place, Jim's Steak. The queue there was amazingly long, it almost extended out of the shop. Along the wall were photos with autographs of many famous people. Cool! I ordered a Cheese Whiz Cheese Steak with extra mushrooms. For its price, it was pretty small. As for the taste, it was definitely above average. The Cheese Whiz melted into the steak to give it a very wonderful taste. The only gripe I had was that the mushrooms and onions were just thrown on top of the Cheese Steak and not mixed in. As a result, the mushrooms was a bit cold.... next time i will just order plain Cheese Steak with extra Cheese Whiz.

Jim's Steak

Nice wall

The queue

Cook Off

After lunch we took a walk around South Street area, it is a nice place, reminds me of Holland V back in Singapore. Lots of small shops selling tons of interesting stuff, lots of food. We decided to enter a hat shop cos Lawrence was looking for some earmuffs. Instead we ended up playing around with all the hats in that shop.

Random Shot

Delaware River view

Me and Deliang, with me trying to act artistic

A very Sherlock Holmes Hat

Finally we arrive at the ice skating rink, got our skates and off we go! Well I had a pretty slow start trying to regain my ability to skate.... which was not much to begin with. Those with experice like Deliang, Tim and Cat went around coaching us. Eventually I got the hang of it and could glide around. Tim is really a kid magnet, a whole bunch of kids surrounded him and starting to talk to him. Then when they asked him how to speak Mandarin, he pointed at me..... ok first he BO JIO me to play DOTA, then he shoot this kind of missle at me.....
Anyway the kids ( actually a few of the guys) were interested in learning how to say I love you in Mandarin, which was "wo ai ni" so I just taught them. What happened next left me rather stunned was when 1 of the boys told me that the boy next to him was his gay partner and started to spank him.... ok that really left me speechless, how to play along with that? Not that I have anything against that, but I just had no idea what to say in that situation... well they lost interest and went back to Tim again ^^ phew.

Overall, I had 2 major falls, which really hurt, but it was a fun time ^^


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