Monday, March 13, 2006

Special Break - Black magic Choc Cake ver 1.1

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We interrupt the regular florida update to bring to you this special cake report: Disaster strikes Ver 1.1. After a rather successful ver 1.0 (refer to previous post) several critical errors were made to ver 1.1.

Well overall the cake still tasted ok, just that the aesthetics needs to be improved. The recipe was similar to the original black magic choc cake, just that I added in choc chips to the batter to give it more oooooomph. And also i did a whip cream frosting with rocher chocs and strawberries

Lessons learnt:
1) too much baking soda == sides rise too fast
2) Never add cream after baking, leave cake to cool, unfortunately I could not as I was pressed for time
3) More practice for cake designing is needed
4) Get more baking equipment ^^


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